Vermont Horse Shows Association

Welcome to the Vermont Horse Shows Association!

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The purpose of the Vermont Horse Shows Association shall be:
1.  To promote, encourage and assist in the holding of horse shows and exhibitions of horses within the state of Vermont and activities allied there-with.
2.  To assist in arranging the schedule of horse show dates to the end that conflicts may be avoided.
3.  To formulate rules systems of classification and regulations applicable to all shows held by Horse Show Members of this Association.
4.  To encourage and promote the use of horses for pleasure and particularly to promote and extend riding activities within the state of Vermont and further to promote the organization and coordination of riding clubs.

VHSA would like to thank the following for being GRAND CHAMPION sponsors for the 2014 show season!


October 16, 6:30 PM - Freedom Farm, Jericho, VT
November 6, 6:30 PM - Steakhouse, Barre, VT
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